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Thursday, 11 October 2012


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Sounds like a pretty good Saturday to me, and as for the photos of those dandelion clocks - WOW!

We definitely need one of those artists impressions of the court case though :0)


Hello. I saw your comment at My Rose Valley and your reference to Tunbridge Wells...so clicked through to you. I was in your neck of the woods on Friday actually - hubby and I drove to Rusthall to pick up a printer we bought off eBay and then went and had lunch in The Pantiles.

Anyway it's always lovely to find blogs that are local (ish) - I live in Bexhill. I enjoy reading about things I recognise. :)

Fab photos of dandelions - and wow those berries look good. (I have similar dreams of the perfect life by the way - happily, my reality is pretty good too.)


Hi Wendy - lovely to hear from you! Thank you so much for checking out ToadRockStreet and for your lovely comments about the photos.

You were definitely in our neck of the woods on Friday - our little part of the world (Denny Bottom where Toad Rock sits) is in Rusthall. It's a lovely little community with some very cute houses and lovely scenery. I've lived in a few places but this is the first one that really feels like 'home.'

I'm glad you have a happy reality too - hopefully nothing will stop us dreaming though! If you have a blog I would love to have a read so please do send me your address.

Do keep in touch!


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