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Monday, 10 March 2014


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Really lovely, well done you.
As soon as I get back to work and can get some wool I will start one (though it may be hard to believe, I don't actually have 3 balls of any one colour of chunky at home!)


I love your work!The blankets are so sweet and gorgeous!Don't mind if I try and copy the idea? <3 Please.... (I'm just making a sweet begging face....)

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

I have hundreds of balls of wool from my Mum and from my knitting exploits - all of them different. Probably get two that would match!

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Tajana - of course you can! I would love for you to make this blanket so please go ahead. I love the idea of sharing our designs and the thought my blanket will be made in Italy is such a lovely thought.
All I would ask is that you mention my blog so that people will know about Hedgehog Ward at our hospital.


Nice blanket and well worked out. Jo x

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Thank you Jo! It was quite an experience!!

Lisa Bendel

What a pretty blanket; I love it! You did a wonderful job. I don't know how to knit, but hope to learn someday. I've been crocheting for about a year and love reading crocheting and knitting blogs. I enjoyed reading this post very much.

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Aw, thanks Lisa! I'm so pleased that you like the blanket - and that you enjoyed the post. If you do start knitting, this is a good project to start with once you feel confident with your stitches. Thanks for visiting and do come back!

Dayana Krawchuk

What a lovely little hedgehog!

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Thanks Dayana! Glad you like him.

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