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Saturday, 17 November 2012


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Golly you make winter sound so appealing - all cosy and cuddly. :)

I've been admiring the flowers in the first photo - don't know what they are but they're beautiful. And I am truly envious of your tomatoes..I'm a tomatophile and will eat them like apples.


I just love Winter! I think you can tell...probably because I love being just a bit lazy.
The rose-like flowers are (apparently) cabbages. The Musician Husband loves to mess around when he goes out to buy our basic shopping and they were the result of going out to get vegetables - I'm not complaining though (apart from the cabbage smell downstairs every morning).
Totally agree about tomatoes. We always grow yellow or black small tomatoes as they seem to have the best taste and just ask to be eaten like olives. I've noticed that Morrisons in TW have Heritage tomatoes which are definitely worth buying too. I'm sure Brighton has interesting places to buy veggies but have never investigated as yet.

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