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Sunday, 26 January 2014


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Oh goodness you could be talking about me in this post. I refer to myself as a butterfly knitter, basically all over the show. I just love some of the yarn you have! And I blog stalked til I found the dogs! Super gorgeous! Cx

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

I'm so glad to have found a fellow butterfly knitter (nicer sounding than a JOAT). You can blog stalk me all you like and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment. Quite a few people regularly read my blog but very few comment so it's nice to hear from you.
I do intend to get the dogs' photos on the home page of my blog but I'm a bit of a JOAT about this as well and it never seems to get done.
Anyway, so glad to hear from you and the lovely Mollie.x


All this yarn makes me drool...LOL you do great work!


I'm just the same, I start things and then fail to finish. I love your crochet squares, so pretty and such lovely colours. thank you so much for visiting my blog!


I love the socks, I can't believe you can knit two pair in a matter of days, amazing! I want to learn to knit socks this year :) jxx

Annie @ knitsofacto

It is incumbent upon every knitter to have a drawer full of WIPs ... anything less is letting the side down ;)

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Nikki - thanks for visiting. There are so many of us out there - not quite finishing things! I'm so glad it's not just me.
Loved your blog!

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Janette, the pattern was so easy and I think because I was stuck at home feeling a bit yuk I was just knitting and knitting. I watched a lot of TV and my needles were almost hot with the friction of those stitches. I can certainly recommend the pattern if you're interested but I've found others on Ravelry that may be a good starting point (no double pointed needles, Magic Loop or anything like that).
Thanks so much for visiting. x

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Thank you for all your comments. As I'm not used to getting so many I've not quite understood the response thing and my replies may not correspond to your messages.
Please bear with me until I get up to speed with this new way of things.

*****I am truly happy to receive so many replies that I feel quite overwhelmed. I read blogs that have 100 or so comments each time and that's pretty fabulous - I've had about half a dozen and think it's Christmas again! Thank you!

Denise @ http://toadrockstreet.typepad.com

Annie - quite so! A drawer would be manageable but I think I may need storage and a PA (life coach/therapist/house clearer/bossy organised person)...


There's nothing wrong with JOAT - after all isn't variety supposed to be the spice of life.
Love those socks, they look so cosy, one day I'll branch out from plain vanilla socks.
Can't wait to see the blanket finished, the last one was gorgeous but the colours on this look even nicer.

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